Creator of my own

Creator of my own is a game created by Darrell Chan

Creator: DarrellChan

Age: ???

Statue: Beginner

Feeling : Glad because I am creating a game that can be made by everyone.

Game: My second game

Welcome to the Creator of my own

This game,Creator of my own was created in, Friday 04/05/2012 9:30 pm.

I will keep you update about the newer version. Ask other to come and see. You can help me by telling me how the game, and what i have to improve.

And you can send me request about how the game should add. These idea can be approve or denied. Here is the email to send,

Creator of my own

Creator of my own is game that can be created by others by adding or removing things, create a battle, placing things, allies and character.

Unfortunately, we are at battle stage.


For people who have rpgmaker vx ace
Creator of my own 0.000001.exe
Creator of my own 0.000001 (Unspoiled).exe
For people who have rpgmaker vx ace, another type, .rar
Creator of my own 0.000001.rar

Known Bugs

Comment on this page if there are unknown bugs in the game,

Sent me a message

Or comment on my information pages.

New 0.000001 Version buy is now fixed !!!

- Hornet button - from slime to Hornet (Which meant I add down the wrong enemy)