Welcome to the Everything, All, Everywhere, Many Wiki

This is about where you want to put your things like pokemons, star war and many other.

Put what you want in a new page

Put as long as it doesn't affect this wik to force closed:

like revealing someone usename and password,

acursed some one in this wiki.

The thing you shouldn't do are all this.


So I set rules

don't revealing someone usename and password,

don't acursed some one in this wiki.

Don't put all bad stuff in this wiki.

And Don't upload naked stuffs, photos.

Break any of those rules,

you will be ban for short while,

you should be thankful that I am not going to ban you permantly

like the others did.

These ban will last in hours, days, any time less than a month.

And most importantly- don't fight


To create a page, see contribute on your top right,

press the arrow next to it and press Add a new page. If you want to create a games pages,

you must read the rules first here,


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