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This game for example: Heir of the King


Welcome to Games !!!

This page is all about games.

You can advertise your games in new page.

The photo next to you is an example.

That photo come from Heir of the King.

New Games

Heir of the King - A fantasy, rpg and........

game. It is the first game ever advertised on this wiki.

Fact::Game - A educational and entertainment game.

It is the second game to be advertised on this wiki.

Creator of my own - A game that can me created by anyone.

Third game to be advertised in this wiki.

So be sure to add yours as long as I can enter your website and never get banned.

Come here and advertise your games by adding the page links of your games.

But it must contain enough information and enough attactivness to get people to see your games.


You are not allow to all advertise your game on any other page than your owns.

If you want to advertise your games, be sure that I can view, join and never get banned from your any website.

You must not hold grudge against me.

And never add the acuse or bad stuffs in your pages.

Do you understood?

Break any of these rules, you will be temporaily banned.

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Be careful of what you add !!!!!