Heir of Kingupdate11

Creator: DarrellChan

Age: ???

Statue: Beginner

Feeling : Angry because the RMN admin banned me and my brother for what we don't know.

And sad and hopeless because bad lucks fell on me. But I never give up.

Game: My first game

Help: Can you get be unbanned from the RMN? Help by sending kentona this, get DarrellChan and his brother, Honnell unbanned.

Welcome to the Heir of The King Wiki

Hi, This is about the new game which was created in 03/25/2012 02:08 AM. You can find the intro page here, Heir of The King and I will keep you update about the newer version. Ask other to come and see. You can help me by telling me how the game, and what i have to improve. And you can send me request about how the game should add. These idea can be approve or denied. Here is the email to send,

Heir of The King

Heir of The King is about you going undercover to find the heir but unfortunately, we are part 1. We can continue to the the heir after I continues to release new version.

Now we are on part 2!!!
I can't add new update until you help me got unbanned.

Or you don't have to!!!

I found another place for you to download!!!

Here it is !!!!!


For people who have rpgmaker vx ace
Heir of the King 0.01.exe
Heir of the King 0.01 (Unspoiled).exe
For people who have rpgmaker vx ace, another type, .rar
Heir of the King 0.01.rar(removed)

New version

New version is coming soon !!!

with new features

Game play

You can talk to NPC,

buy items like weapons, armor and more !!!

you can earn money by killing monsters !!!

Let celebrate !!!!

We got 2 new recuits: Caller of Pie,


And the download is over 20.


Idea manager-still open
Story manager-still open
Design manager-still open
Sound manager-still open
Tester- Caller of Pie, still open
Script manager-still open
Mapper manager-still open
Event Fixer-Caller of Pie, still open
Grammar Corrector-Caller of Pie, Deadwater still open

I am looking for you to help me.

Known Bugs

Comment on this page if there are unknown bugs in the game,

Sent me a message

Or comment on my information pages.